Siegfried’s new NYC restaurant is worth the wait

Siegfrieds new NYC location is worth waiting for. 

And it’s just one of several new food spots opening this week, as Eater reports the Brooklyn-based chain is expanding to include a “more authentic” version of the popular burger joint in a new space at the corner of 12th and Fifth Avenues. 

Siegfrieds is looking to bring a more “authentic” version to its New York locations and is expanding its menu to include more of the “world’s best” burgers. 

According to Eater, the new space will open in September, but it may take up to a year to open in the city, which is home to several of the restaurants in the chain. 

“We’re looking to open the newest addition to the franchisee’s portfolio, and that means we’ll be opening at least three more locations across the city in 2018,” owner Siegfried Schnitzer told Eater. 

For now, the chain is offering an introductory pricing plan for its new location in Brooklyn that includes “a variety of menu options, a larger selection of meats, and a new drink menu.” 

Schnitzer’s New York menu will also include “a selection of local and seasonal ingredients.”