Two years ago, an octavo chef in Spain was beaten by a customer for refusing to serve him an ice cream cone

Octavio Dominguez, the head chef at one of the world’s oldest ice cream parlors, was beaten and left with a bruised eye after an altercation with a customer.

In December 2015, Domingez was serving a group of customers when he and his staff were confronted by a man who refused to hand over the money for a free slice of the ice cream.

The customer, identified by his initials G-O-N, accused Domingales of stealing the money, but the waiter refused to leave.

The man was able to grab the keys and leave, but not before the chef was knocked unconscious.

Dominguez told CBC News that the fight was an attempt by the man to steal the money.

“He told me to give him money, that he’s going to take it, I said no,” Dominguesa said.

“He then left me with a broken eye, I’m not sure how much it cost, but I had to use a mask and I couldn’t open my eyes.

I was crying in the restaurant because I wanted to get to the hospital.”

In response, Domsa called for a boycott of the business, telling CBC News, “It’s not about money, it’s about justice.

If we don’t stop it, we’re going to lose the customers.”

Two years later, the restaurant is still in business and Dominges remains on leave.

“We were all very angry about this,” he said.

“I’m not going to let this happen again.”CBC News spoke with Domingos family to hear more about the incident and his recovery.