A new French delicatessen: The best burger in France

A new delicatressen, a place to sample some of the best French food in the world, has opened its doors in Paris.

It’s called the Delicatessens Delicatre, and the concept is simple.

The restaurant has opened on the second floor of the Parisian district of Les Deux Maréchaux, a city known for its restaurant culture.

The concept was developed in partnership with the Paris Restaurant Association.

The idea for the restaurant came to chef Marc Goutier, who said he was inspired by the idea of a restaurant that can serve the best of both worlds.

Goutiers wife and partner, Gisela, who is also the chef of the restaurant, said the idea came to them while at a French university.

The couple decided to create a restaurant with the same spirit as their French heritage: the cooking.

“We wanted to create an ambience that could be both a dining room and a space for a movie theater,” Goutius said.

“The idea is that the diners can enjoy an experience that is more than a dinner party.”

The Delicatoessens menu includes a large selection of traditional French dishes, like the pate de la peine, a meat and cheese platter that includes meats, fish, and vegetables.

There are also several new entrees that have been designed specifically to appeal to those with food sensitivities.

The delicatissens menu is a mix of traditional and modern cuisine, and a small selection of new creations such as the goulash, a creamy soup made with rice and carrots, and chorizo, which is a hearty dish that is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

The delicatos is a great choice for a lunch or dinner date night.

The menu offers a large variety of French dishes including: soups, salads, entrees, sandwiches, and desserts.

The restaurant also offers a menu of vegetarian and vegan options, which include a wide range of dishes.

The dining room is made up of six tables, which provide space for around 200 people.

The location of the delicatoissens is just a stone’s throw from the famous Les Deus Maréchalettes restaurant, which sits in the center of the city and is considered one of the most famous eateries in the French capital.

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