Chef’s son says dad’s restaurant closed after ‘too many deaths’

David and Toni Cohen opened their Mamalehs restaurant in Washington’s Chinatown in 2013, but the family business soon went into bankruptcy.

The family business was bought by the restaurant’s sister company, Mamalehes Restaurant Group.

The Cohen family said the restaurant closed in October after “too many murders.”

The restaurant’s website now lists the restaurant as closed and its website no longer allows customers to check on the status of the business.

The restaurant, known as “Dinner with Toni,” was the only one of the Cohen family’s restaurants to remain open.

The website says the restaurant was the last remaining in the chain.

Toni, 56, said she has tried to keep the restaurant open and serve as a voice for the people of Washington, D.C., saying she’s “still fighting to keep Mamalees open.”

But the restaurant is no longer open.

She said she and her husband, David, are hoping to reopen Mamaleys as a full-service restaurant.

They’re hoping to raise enough money to reopen.

The brothers are from Pennsylvania.

The restaurants are named for their grandmothers, Toni and David Mamaleks.

The Restaurant with Tons of Meat, a popular eatery in D.S.C. for decades, also closed after two years.

It was named after their grandmother.

The owners said in a statement that the restaurant will reopen “within weeks” but that it will remain closed for now.

The statement said the brothers were “saddened and angry” about the restaurant closing and that they are “working with the authorities to secure our property.”

David Cohen said he and his wife have been “very disappointed in the family’s financial situation and will continue to fight to preserve our family business.”

Toni said she was “deeply saddened” about what happened to her restaurant.

“We’re not doing well.

I don’t think we’re going to be able to survive,” she said.

She added, “I think we have to make a change now.”

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