This Is How To Be A Dictator: The Complete Guide to Being A Duce

This Is how to be a dictator: the complete guide to being a dictator.

It’s a book about being a powerful person who has the power to get what he wants.

If you have the power, you’ll become an asshole.

The first edition of this book is now available on

Read moreHere are some of the things I learned:1.

You should never be surprised.

The book describes what to expect from the power of a dictator, but doesn’t make any predictions.2.

A dictator can be a great person.

It makes me feel better knowing that I was never going to become one.3.

Don’t underestimate your power.

If a dictator gets the job done, he will get the job accomplished.

He will be able to accomplish whatever he wants, whether it’s getting rid of the pesky rebels or getting the military back to work.4.

Don (and don’t you) listen to your bosses.

Don’a listen to them, or even respect them.

They may think that they are the boss, but they really aren’t.

Don is not a boss.5.

Don a good cop.

Your boss will take care of you, even when your boss is a dictator or a tyrant.6.

Don to a nice, quiet life.

Your bosses will take good care of your family, your friends, your pets, your dogs, your cats, your cat’s friends, and your kids.7.

Don coddle your employees.

If your boss has you at a disadvantage, don’t let it get to you.

If he has you as a subordinate, don’a be afraid to say, “Hey, I’ll do my best to work with you.”

Your boss may be an asshole, but he’ll still be a good boss.8.

Don tattle.

Your best friend is your boss, and you’re in his good graces.

Your worst enemy is your bosses boss.9.

Don get into fights.

You will get in fights.

Don’, and don’t tattle on the bosses.10.

Don talk.

Don ‘a talk to your boss.

Dona talk.11.

Don be a big boy.

Your parents will be proud.12.

Don, not coddles, and don’am a big girl.

Your dad will be jealous.13.

Don go for it.


Don make mistakes.

You may get in trouble.15.

Don take your own advice.

You are going to have a hard time.16.

Don listen to other people.

Your friends are not going to like you.17.

Don have fun.

Don hang out with the people who have no business being friends with you.18.

Don keep it real.

Don”t try to make it real for your boss or anyone else.19.

Don tell the truth.

Don ”t lie, don”t cheat, don.”t pretend.

Don don’t pretend.20.

Don act like you”re above the law.

Don,”and don”am.21.

Don do things your way.

Don�t do things that the boss tells you to do.22.

Don give your boss a hard go.

Don should be a little more careful with your boss than you might think.23.

Don follow the rules.

Don are going through some very difficult times right now.24.

Don work from home.

Don\’t get a lot of work done.25.

Don live a nice life.

Donât have a lavish life.26.

Don eat well.

Don shouldn’t be in the office all day.27.

Don laugh often.

If the boss is your friend, it\’s good for you.28.

Don trust your instincts.

Don aren’t going to listen to a boss who tells you what to do, or a boss that tells you how to act.29.

Don avoid temptation.

Don can’t avoid temptation, because you are a dictator and the boss will have you do whatever he tells you.30.

Don stay out of trouble.

Don`t get in any trouble, unless you are the leader of a dictatorship.31.

Don play your cards right.

You won’t be the boss.

Youâre the boss anyway.32.

Don smile.

Don´t frown.33.

Don let your boss be the judge of what is right and wrong.

Don wonât be able do that when your job is in the hands of a tyrant or a dictator in power.34.

Don relax.

Don stop thinking about how you can be effective and how you should act.

If someone is your leader, you will become a dictator for life.35.

Don speak up.

Don just say what you think is right, and that will help your boss see through your lies.36.

Don pay attention to your feelings.

You donât need to get into the details of the dictatorâs methods, but if you donâ