‘We’re going to be the first to be a mom-and-pop restaurant’: How the food revolution will change the world

“It’s not the same,” says Valentina.

“We’re not going to lose the kids.

But I’m definitely not going out there every day to buy food.”

For Valentina, who now works in a restaurant and bar, that means going out and getting the freshest ingredients and preparing them in her kitchen, instead of having them shipped to her.

“The kids eat it at home,” she says.

“I think a lot of moms think they have to buy it all at once.”

Valentina is one of the first moms to make an exception for the food.

“There’s a time for everything,” she explains.

“And there’s a timescale for things that are just right.”

She wants her kids to have a taste of the food culture of New York City and beyond, and hopes that her experiences will inspire others.

“For me, it’s not just about food, but about how we interact with the world,” she continues.

“So it’s really important to me that we’re part of the culture.”

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