When did the Knicks’ win streak end?

By MICHAEL SHAPIRO, Associated Press Shaviro’s restaurant in New York City is among a handful of eateries in the country where patrons are paying for an after-hours meal, and some of the patrons who eat at the restaurant don’t seem to be particularly happy.

The restaurant has had more than 100 customers in the past two weeks, and one of them is a 29-year-old woman named Amy, who was eating with a friend at Shaviros restaurant on Saturday when a man came in carrying a bag of food.

Shaviro said Amy’s friend took it out of the bag and put it on the counter, but when Amy tried to leave, the man said he needed her to pay for the meal.

Shapiro said she was so angry she stormed out of his restaurant.

Amy said she went to the manager, and when she asked him what the problem was, the manager told her the man had just brought her a bowl of rice, two chicken wings and a salad.

Amy went back and got another order, and the man then told her that she had to pay him for the rice and chicken wings, she said.

Shave it off, Amy told Shavira’s manager.

Amy said the manager apologized to her for not paying for the food and that she told him to keep his mouth shut.

Shaves off the man’s beard and mustache, Amy said, and said, “I’m sorry you’re not happy, you’re a piece of trash.

You’re not paying attention to me.

You have a piece here.”

Shavirios manager didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Amy didn’t get a refund, Shavirios manager told the Associated Press.

Amy’s manager said he was not at fault for the incident.

Shaviris manager did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

Amy told the AP that she is glad she was able to leave.

She said she is upset that her friends didn’t take her food, because they were happy.

Amy has worked at Shaver’s Shavirs restaurant for five years and says she was happy when she was hired.

She was shocked to learn that the man was still there with a tray of food and a bottle of water.

She said Shavirus’s manager came in the restaurant the next day and was rude, and Amy said he took his phone and refused to return it to her.

Shaver said it’s not their policy to charge customers for food, but Shavirliris manager is a trained chef.

Amy says she has spoken to the restaurant owner and asked him to give her an apology.

The owner did not respond to email or phone messages Monday.

Shaver’s manager did offer to pay Amy for the meals, but said Amy had to put up with his behavior.

Amy called Shaver to ask what happened.

Amy’s manager told Amy that she was not to say anything about it, but Amy told her she had the right to do so.

Amy also told the manager that Shaver had told her about the incident in an email.

Amy says she asked the manager about Shaver in the email, and he did not take her side, saying he was sorry.

Shavers manager did respond to Amy’s story Monday.

He wrote in a Facebook post that Shavirkos staff had not been notified about the incidents, and that Shavers employees had not brought up Shaviralis behavior to management.

Amy did not return a message seeking comment Monday from the AP.

Shaving off the men’s beards and mustache is not common, but it has happened before.

Last year, a woman at a restaurant in Chicago got in trouble for shaving her man’s mustache off.

She told a waitress that she shaved off the beard, and she got a $50 tip.