When the world’s most expensive steak went to the US, the price tag for everyone else was zero

PHOENIX (VP) — The world’s hottest steak went for $2,100 on Zia’s Delicatessens delicatessen in Phoenix this week, while the price for everyone in the world was zero.

Phoenix restaurants and grocery stores are no longer allowed to charge more than $2.50 per pound for deli meats, as per the latest guidelines released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA also prohibits restaurants and supermarkets from charging more than 30% more for frozen or fresh meat, and the price of deli meat is not allowed to increase by more than 3% for the same period of time.

Zia’s opened the deli in late February, and its customers had to spend about $300 to get a steak.

A total of 7,000 deli sandwiches, steaks, steak patties and other deli fare was sold on Zias site, according to Zia.

The deli was a hit, and diners who didn’t know about the policy and ordered it online ordered the meat at a rate of $2 per pound.

At the same time, the delis staff did not get paid.

As a result, the steak went from $2 to $2 a pound, Zia said in a statement.

Many people in Phoenix are getting the news that the steak is no longer legal, and that they can now pay $2 for a piece of delish steak, Ziec said.

Some people in the Phoenix area said they are not getting the delicatens steak, and are instead buying frozen, deli-style meat instead.

When I asked them, most were in shock that they couldn’t get the steak at the delice, Ziegler said.

They were not going to buy it.

It was a shocker, she added.

There were some people who were happy that they could eat their steak and not pay $4.00 per pound, but many others were not happy that the deliscents steak was no longer available.

They wanted to go to another restaurant, Zi said.