Which New York restaurant is the best?

NEW YORK — It was a cold winter day in 2014 when a waitress noticed a man in a blue shirt at the restaurant’s outdoor patio.

The man, identified by police as a 43-year-old immigrant from Honduras, ordered a drink and ordered more.

When the bartender told him he had to pay, he didn’t bother paying, the waitress wrote in a report.

When the man returned to the bar, the bartender, identified only as a 52-year old man, offered him a drink.

He refused.

The bartender said, “No, that’s not acceptable,” and ordered the man to leave.

The man refused again, this time demanding money and telling the bartender to leave him alone.

When asked if he had a weapon, the man responded, “Oh, no, I don’t have a weapon,” according to the police report.

The bartender asked the man, “Have you had any problems in your life before?”

The man said no, that he had just been fired from a job.

He was not charged with a crime.

When contacted by NBC News, the restaurant declined to comment.

In the report, the server, who was not identified, wrote that the man told the bartender “to leave him, he had done nothing wrong.”

She wrote that after the man left, the manager called her and asked, “Are you okay?”

The server wrote that when the manager asked her to get the man’s ID, she “finally realized what happened.”

She said the manager told her to call the police and to get him out of the restaurant.

She said she didn’t have to ask him for ID, and that she would just give him a free drink if he paid.

She wrote that she told the manager she wanted to make a report about the incident, but she had been “bored” and couldn’t make it happen.

The report was not made public, but the New York City police department did not respond to a request for comment.

It’s not clear if the man who had been fired had an attorney.

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