Why Zia’s Delicatessens London Is A Real, Real Deal!

By Zia Shafieev | 09 February 2018 02:19:10This week, Zia, the mother of five children and grandmother of five, has opened up her first deli in the UK, Zias Delicatoire London.

The London deli has a selection of deli staples and is one of the few in the world that can serve breakfast and lunch on a regular basis, alongside a range of pastas and sandwiches.

The restaurant is the first in London to have a deli of its own.

Zia started the London Delicatos last year after meeting a couple of friends while in Paris and decided that London had an unrivalled range of delis, both of which were open and accessible to the public.

“We were looking for a place to open a delicatestre and it was a perfect place for us,” she told Business Insider.

“The owners were great, the staff were amazing, the kitchen was fabulous and they were very patient with us.

I couldn’t have asked for a better opening, and we’ve been very lucky to be able to open it.”

To begin with, Ziam opened the London delicatos for the first time in April.

The restaurant’s first meal was a delicious samosa.

A few months later, she started serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on a weekly basis.

Now that she’s opened her first London delis across the UK and the UK has become the hub for the London food scene, Zi has plans for the next wave of London foodie diners.

“I’m not really sure how to make it a success.

I’m not sure what I want to do with the restaurant.

I think we’re doing fine, but we have to think about the future,” she said.”

Our vision is that we will open a range and we will create a whole range of restaurants.”

Zia Shafeev has been opening delis in London since the early 90s, and has been open for over 20 years.

She told Business Insiders that the UK is one area in which she’s had the most success, as the London population has grown significantly.

“There’s been a big influx of young professionals and we have had people who are very well-educated coming to London and taking jobs,” she explained.

“People are really excited to be in the city, and they’re coming here for the best in food and culture.”

Zi’s Deli opened in London on April 2, 2017.

Its menu features a variety of pasta dishes, such as lasagne and parmesan, and sandwiches such as the Zia sandwich and the Zihlaki sandwich.

In addition to the deli’s breakfast menu, Zizi offers an extensive selection of pastafarian and vegetarian deli fare.