German police: Burglar tries to steal £1 million from jewish restaurant, but gets caught

German police have said a burglar tried to steal more than £1.3 million from a jewish-themed restaurant in a city where the capital Berlin is located.

Police say the suspect stole a car from the main restaurant on Saturday afternoon, but that he was caught when officers raided the building and arrested him on Sunday.

The burglar was wearing a fake identity and made off with a sum of money.

He was also carrying a large amount of jewellery.

The suspect, who is still at large, has been named as the 31-year-old from Bavaria, who has lived in the city of Heidelberg since 2008.

The police have opened an investigation and said they have received a tip-off from the public about the suspect.

The German government has said that the restaurant is open on Sunday but is closed on Wednesday.

Police are asking anyone who saw the suspect to contact them, as they do not know how he got into the building.