La Gorgonio – La Gorna della Difesa

La Gorgoia della Dolce Vita is one of Italy’s most beloved cheeses.

It is made from the freshest milk, fresh cheese and fresh water.

It’s a true classic and is loved by all.

It can be enjoyed at a lunchtime or dinnertime meal, or in a dessert and a sandwich.

La Gori della Gorgonia is an Italian-style cheesecake, made from fresh milk, eggs, sugar and cream.

This is a classic Italian dessert and is made with cream and cream cheese.

La Dura della Gelazione, made with a sweet cream and milk is a special dessert and used in many dishes.

It also can be served as a breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

 The cheese is cooked at a very high temperature in a cast iron pan, where it is then cooled down with ice, and then the cheese is squeezed into a small bowl.

This process is called deglazing. 

The finished product is then served as is or with a slice of fresh Italian cheese. 

La Dura is made of a mixture of white and cream, so you will need a bowl of white cream and a bowl for the cream. 

Ingredients: Fresh milk, egg, sugar, salt, sugar cubes, water, cream, milkfat, and salt. 

Dairy: Fresh cream, sugar or cream, butter, eggs and water. 

Cooking time: 10 minutes.