Manny’s Delicatessens opens up to customers

MANNY’S DELICATESSENS DELICATA SUSHI, Ohio (AP) The newest burger chain in the U.S. will have to answer to Ohio regulators after a judge ordered it to open a refrigerated delivery service for customers.

The judge in the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the company must offer a service at the delivery facility and deliver food to its customers.

It’s the first time a food delivery company has been required to open an actual delivery window for customers to eat.

Manny’s first business in the United States was opened in 1997, when it opened a delivery window at its headquarters in Cincinnati.

It opened a second location in Cleveland in 2014.

The new locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan will have a limited number of delivery options.

It will be up to the company to decide how many delivery locations are required.

The company could open up to 100.

The Ohio Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear oral arguments Thursday.