The Carnegie delicatessens in Houston: A culinary story of survival

I had been expecting to find the best in Houston, but not the best I have in decades.

The only thing missing was a real Carnegie.

That’s where I was.

I started looking for Carnegie’s Houston restaurant in 2014, after it moved to a new location in a new building, and after I heard about the restaurant’s impending closure in January.

I didn’t want to miss out on what had been a solid but steady offering for decades, and I wanted to be part of it.

I found the place in the basement of a warehouse at a former auto parts store.

It’s an old-school restaurant with a huge counter and the most elegant interior.

I was thrilled to find an open space with open seating.

The food was fantastic.

The service was excellent.

I’m happy to say that it was the only Carnegie in Houston.

I also enjoyed my first meal there.

It was a traditional Italian meal, but I was happy to order something that was new and fresh and flavorful.

After the meal, I went to my friend’s place and ordered the chef’s entree.

It came with a lot of pasta and meatballs.

I had to ask the waiter for the ingredients, but the man at the counter was able to provide all the information I needed.

The first thing I noticed about this restaurant was its size.

I ordered a large, medium and a small, and it all came out to about a pound and a half.

It took me a few tries to figure out what size the large dish was, and what the medium dish was.

I ended up getting the medium.

The meatballs were not so good.

They were too hard, but overall they were very good.

I ordered a dessert and it was a dessert with ice cream.

It wasn’t that great.

I was expecting the ice cream to be very good, and so far it’s not.

The dessert was too thick, and the texture was too firm.

The ice cream was not at all creamy.

The pastry on top was too thin, and they just didn’t work.

After a few more tries, I decided that the ice creams had to be my new favorite, so I ordered one.

It tasted great.

The filling was a little too heavy, but it was still good.

I liked the texture, too.

I got the strawberry sorbet, but that was the least interesting dessert I ordered.

I’ll have to try it in a future post.

I tried a few other Carnegie’s, and was pleased to see that I was the one to find one that I really enjoyed.

I have to admit that I found the Carnegie’s in Houston a little bit disappointing.

I am sure the owners had a great time creating the space, and although I didn: the atmosphere, the menu, and everything else was great.

That being said, I have enjoyed the food and service at all of the Carnegie restaurants I’ve visited.

I will definitely return.

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