When To Go To The Beach With Your Favorite Chef: South Boston Restaurant

BOSTON — The beach is the perfect place to relax, grab a snack and eat a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant in the Boston area.

If you’ve never been to the beach, it’s time to get your feet wet.

The South Boston Restaurants Association has teamed up with the Massachusetts Department of Health to offer free food and beach access for residents and visitors to the Boston Harbor during the Labor Day weekend.

They have provided free meals and beach accommodations to the community, including a two-hour visit with a local beachcomber, as well as a one-hour drive-through visit with an official guide.

As of Friday morning, over 1,000 people had registered to take advantage of the program.

According to the association, the program is designed to provide food and beverages to residents and their guests and has the potential to save the lives of more than 2,500 people each year in the area.