Which is the best restaurant in Melbourne?

Posted March 03, 2020 07:17:57 This year’s Magoons Famous Desserts & Dessert Lounge is the place to be for a festive meal.

Here are our picks for the best in the city.

Magoons famous dish: chocolate dumplings – $25.50 for adults, $19.99 for kids Magoons most popular dessert: the Chocolate Chip Cane Cake – $8.99 Magoons best restaurant: Magoons Cafe – $26.99 The chocolate dummplings are an absolute must-try.

The dumpling dish is simple and rich, topped with chocolate chips and cream cheese.

The creme brulee is creamy, but a little on the pricey side.

The dessert bar offers a range of dessert options including chocolate milk ice cream, caramelised bananas, strawberry, and chocolate chip cookies.

Best night out: M&M’s Cafe in Brunswick Square, 2km from the CBD, and Victoria Station.

You’ll be tempted to walk in on a Friday night and try the chocolate dums, but if you’re in the mood for something more lighthearted, try the traditional magoo-themed Magoos.

Best food: Magoos Famous Dinner is a full-service restaurant.

It offers three main courses and a main entree.

The first comes with a variety of entrees including an eggplant and a chocolate custard plate with a chocolate cake on top.

The second is an appetiser with a bowl of chocolate cakes, a chocolate mousse, and a banana.

The third entree is a chocolate pudding with a cream cheese sponge, a custard and chocolate sauce.

The desserts are all superb, and we recommend the magoos famous chocolate dessert.

Best takeaway: The Magoos Dessert Bar is also a popular spot, with two options.

The Magoons special entree offers three different dishes and a side of dessert.

The most popular is the Chocolate Cane and the Chocolate Milk Ice Cream.

The chocolate mocha and cream mousse are both a hit.

Best brunch: The famous Magoos Cafe in CBD is also an absolute favourite.

Their menu is all classic, and the food is excellent.

The staff are friendly and attentive and the service is also top notch.

Their special dessert menu is also very popular.

Best weekend getaway: If you’re looking for a fun weekend get away, the Magoos are your go-to spot.

The dining room and bar are spacious, and it is great for family and friends.

There is also access to the indoor tennis court.

We recommend heading to the Magoons to enjoy some fun and relaxed dining with friends and family.

Magoos popular dessert is the chocolate molta.

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