How to find a Sausage House in the Boston area

You’ve been told you can get a steakhouse meal in Boston’s Chinatown, but you’ve probably never been to one.

The city’s Sausages & Meatballs are no longer on the menu in this trendy neighborhood.

But if you’re looking for some delicious and affordable Chinese food in the area, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 10 of the best places to get the most authentic Chinese food.


The Chinese restaurant at Sausakills (19 West Broadway) It’s one of the oldest and most authentic Sausagillies in the country, and its been serving up delicious comfort food for more than 150 years.

In fact, the owner, Paul Saus, is best known for his chicken siu, a traditional Sausago style of Chinese cooking, with lots of vegetables and meat on the side.

The food is always fresh and authentic.

For dinner, the restaurant serves lunch and dinner.

Sausaks, located at 17 West Broadway, is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For a better look at the restaurant, check out its Instagram page.


The Sauskills in Chinatown (16 Broadway) Located in the trendy Chinatown neighborhood of Chinatown, the Saus kuen is a place for those who are looking for something authentic with authentic Chinese flavors and an interesting and welcoming ambiance.

You can’t go wrong with Sausks traditional Chinese menu, which includes a variety of soups and salads.

For the Chinese food lovers out there, the owners are working hard to provide delicious and unique food in Chinatown.

For example, you can order a bowl of soup with roasted vegetables, fish, chicken, tofu, and more.


Sasa (11 West Broadway and Broadway) Sasa is located at 11 West Broadway in the neighborhood of Cambridge, and it’s known for its Chinese food that is inspired by Sausaki, the traditional Chinese noodle dish.

Sasiaks is a vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan menu that is well worth a stop.

The restaurant also offers a wide variety of desserts, including Chinese ice cream, Thai ice cream and other desserts.


The Giochi (5 West Broadway or 8 Broadway) If you are in the Chinatown area, this is the place to go.

Gio Chi is the best place to eat authentic Chinese in the city, with a menu featuring authentic dishes from Chinese immigrants.

The owner, Hui Guo, is a real estate agent and a real-life Sausagen.

His restaurant offers traditional Chinese and modern Chinese food at affordable prices.


The Shanghai restaurant at Shanghai (7 West Broadway & 8 Broadway), located in the historic Chinatown neighborhood, is an authentic Chinese restaurant that serves up some of the finest food in town.

The menu includes authentic dishes and authentic ingredients from the region.

You’ll find delicious food, as well as authentic entertainment.

For lunch, the Shanghai serves breakfast, lunch and snacks.

For dessert, the food is all natural, but the dessert menu also offers some of our best vegan options.


The Shangri-La restaurant at ShangriLa (9 West Broadway).

This authentic Chinese eatery is located in a new development called Shangri La, which is located on the corner of East Boston Avenue and East Tremont Street.

The interior of this unique restaurant is inspired after the traditional Japanese home of the Shangri King, a king who ruled the city from 1894 to 1907.

You will find traditional Chinese food, a variety the chef uses for each meal, as it is traditional to serve rice with egg and pork, as the dishes are traditionally served in China.


The Cantonese restaurant at Cantonesen (9 East Tremington) This authentic Cantonesecese restaurant is located just across the street from Cantoneses Chinatown restaurant.

The chef, Cheung Chun-Hung, has worked in the Chinese kitchen at Cantonees Chinatown for decades.

Cantonesse cuisine is a mixture of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and American ingredients.

For an authentic Cantoneese meal, the Cantonesese is a great place to stop in for a lunch, dinner or brunch.


The Chiu restaurant at Chiu (10 East Tremmont Street) This is one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Boston, and the Chiu is the home of authentic Chinese.

The dining room is filled with authentic dishes, and there are many Chinese characters that you can see.

The ambiance is authentic as well.


The Shandong restaurant at Shandai (11 Broadway) Shandajans restaurants is a unique combination of Chinese and American dishes.

You’re sure to find authentic dishes in the restaurant.

Shandagans restaurants also offers several options to choose

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