How to make the perfect Irish coffee cake at Earle’s – review

If you are lucky enough to have a place to stay in Dublin, then you will soon be able to enjoy some Irish coffee.

In a move that is not likely to be welcomed by the locals, Earle Brothers is launching a range of new coffee cakes for the local foodie community.

The new cakes come with a range to choose from and are available in three different flavours: white, pink and chocolate.

“The new range of Irish coffee cakes are available exclusively at Earles Restaurants in Dublin and the Irish Market,” Earle said.

There are also new Irish Coffee Cake Recipes available, as well as a range with a taste of Ireland available to download for free to download from the Earle website.

Earle Restaurants is the most well-known of the Earles restaurants, and its new cakes will be made in collaboration with the Earls of the Green Vine.

“We wanted to bring this wonderful recipe to our guests,” Earles said.

“We love coffee and we have an enormous passion for coffee, so we thought we would create something special for them and they loved it.”

For more information on the Earl’s new Irish coffee, you can check out their website here.