How to make the perfect pork bun from a new recipe

The latest edition of the Food Network’s The Culinary Apprentice, titled “How to Make the Perfect Pork Bun from a New Recipe,” has some of the most inspiring tips to make your next favorite BBQ sandwich from scratch. 

The show’s first episode, “Pork Buns From The Inside Out,” featured a chef who wanted to make a barbecue sauce that he had never tried before.

But this is a recipe he wanted to try out. 

“I had to make it by hand because there was no pan in my house,” said the man behind the show, Jamie Lee Curtis.

“I wanted to see what would happen if I poured all the ingredients into a blender and then blended it all together.” 

Curtis, a former chef and chef educator at Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Culinary Academy in Culver City, California, shared his method with The Culiacan, a New York magazine series that follows the culinary path of the Culinary Arts.

The show’s “Pornography of the Mind” episode features some of Curtis’ most insightful tips and tricks. 

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