How to save on your meal at one of Washington’s best restaurants

For the first time, a new restaurant is offering diners the chance to take home a meal with a traditional dish of a traditional cuisine.

Diners can choose from a menu of traditional Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Italian American, or American fare from a variety of local cuisines.

The new Diner’s Deli in Foggy Bottom is located at 2122 NW 4th Street.

On the restaurant’s website, the menu includes an assortment of traditional dishes, such as pork belly and beef tenderloin.

The menu also includes a variety on appetizers such as beef and lamb, rice noodles and shrimp.

It is the second Washington restaurant to offer the traditional fare in a year.

The Washington Post reported in February that Deli’s Delicatessen will open in May, with a menu similar to the original Deli on 4th.

Diner’s is also offering its own food, including a pork belly, beef tender loin and a chicken noodle soup.