The Best New Restaurants in London 2017

Londoners can expect a new kind of dining experience in 2017, as the city is set to host its first ever “cheese festival”.

Food, beer, wine and wine cocktails will be on offer during the five-day event, which will be held from March 8-10 in the city’s former home of Covent Garden.

The “Cheeseburger Festival” will be hosted by the new London Beer Company, with a full menu to choose from.

The festival is being promoted by a team of local food bloggers, who will be working with the company to deliver a variety of delicious burgers.

“The Cheeseburgers Festival will be a celebration of the city that we all love and love to eat, while highlighting the unique flavours and textures of London,” the organisers said in a press release.

“This is our chance to celebrate London’s history and its food with some of the best food in the world.” (formerly known as TheCheesecake Factory) will be the official food vendor, with “some of the world’s most acclaimed cheesemongering”, according to the organisers.

“We have the ingredients for you to savour,” they added.

The event will also include a beer garden, a cider and wine tasting room and a beer bar.

There will be “a wide range of craft beers on offer” at the event, the organisers added. (formerly Known as The Cheesemeal Factory) is one of the biggest and most successful cheesemaking brands in the UK, having recently won the 2017 Michelin star award.

Cheesy burger, London, April 10.

Foods for Cheeseses, London.

Cheese Festival 2017: The Best Restaurants, Cheesemaker, London

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