When I Was a Filmmaker, We Had to Use the Words ‘Filmmaker’ and ‘Festival’

I’m sure that many of you have heard of the film festival. 

When I was a filmmaker, we had to use the words ‘filmmaker’, ‘film’, and ‘festival’ as we were using them as a noun and not a verb, in order to be able to communicate the meaning of the title of our work. 

It was a challenging time, and I remember vividly that I had to be very careful in how I said the words. 

One of the things I was afraid of was that the film industry, which had come under a lot of attack over the years, would look at us like we were making something that was not authentic. 

Now, though, as I am a filmmaker myself, I know better. 

 So, if you want to know how I felt about the festival, you can read my review of the festival here. 

I also did a short film for the festival called The New Yorker called The Last Days of the Old South, which you can watch below. 

You can also watch the short film here, and the short I did for the Festival here.