Which is best? – Italian delicatessens in Glasgow

LONDON (Reuters) – Italian restaurants are coming to Glasgow’s Black Forest and Blackwoods, while a popular Irish delicatest, Ronnie’s, is set to open in the city’s south, with the opening of the Italian eatery in the south west set to attract the world’s most famous chefs.

Glasgow’s Italian restaurant, Ronnie, will open in Blackwoods as it looks to take advantage of the city being home to the largest Italian population in Britain and is also attracting the likes of Mario Batali, Antonio Banderas and Roberto Cavalli, who is also on the board of Ronnie’s restaurant in Italy.

In recent months, Ronnie has been making waves in Italy, where the restaurant is renowned for its authentic, authentic Italian dishes and has become the subject of a local film.

It is also expected that the restaurant, located in the former Olympic stadium at Blackwoods and called the ‘Gruppo dell’ (the arena of the future), will be open to the public by the end of the year.

A spokesperson for Ronnie’s said the opening was a huge success, with more than 200 people turning up for a taste of the restaurant’s Italian dishes, which include ‘Lamb with Parmesan Sauce’, and ‘Parma and Garlic Salad’.

“It’s a great day for the city and we look forward to bringing some of our best Italian cooking to Glasgow,” the spokesperson said.

The Blackwoods restaurant, which is in the centre of the Blackwoods National Park, will be the first of its kind in Britain, according to Ronnie’s.

The restaurant has been working closely with the park and will be using the site to expand its range of Italian dishes.

“The Black Forest is the perfect location for our restaurant to be open for the first time and will help to create a vibrant Italian neighbourhood in the Blackwood,” the spokeswoman said.

Italian food and drink has been growing in popularity in Britain for decades, and Ronnie’s is the latest restaurant to expand in the country.

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