The 5 Best Restaurants in New York City

On Tuesday, I’ll be giving you my list of the best places in New Orleans to eat.

This is a long list, and I’ve included restaurants that have been around for many years and have a history of being popular.

The restaurants listed are places that have had a major impact on my life, from my family’s eating habits to my favorite restaurants, and if you’re looking for something specific, I have a separate list for that.

For this list, I chose restaurants that were either new to the city, were very close to the foodie scene, or have had an incredibly successful and memorable career in the restaurant industry.

I’ve also included restaurants where I felt the restaurant had a special place in my heart.

I hope this list will help you make your decisions.

For a more thorough breakdown of the list, check out the full list below.

If you’re new to New Orleans, I highly recommend the following restaurants to check out:Beach Bar (a French-inspired spot in the West End)The original Beach Bar opened in 1972, serving a menu with more than 20 traditional French dishes.

Today, the restaurant is home to an expansive wine cellar and a rotating selection of craft beers, both imported and domestic.

This is the perfect place for the new traveler to start a new culinary adventure. 

Beach Grill (a steakhouse and deli in the South End)Beach Grills is a popular destination for tourists looking for a casual dinner in a secluded location.

Its been a fixture in New England since the 1940s, and today it’s still open every night, providing a place to catch up on some great food and great wine. 

Boudin (a small restaurant in the Lower East Side) Beaux Arts is a favorite of New Yorkers and has a long history of serving food to a wide audience. 

Big Island Restaurant (a restaurant in Brooklyn) Boden’s, a small restaurant on Staten Island, has been a destination for locals and tourists for over 100 years. 

Brooklyn Barbecue (a barbecue joint in Brooklyn’s Lower East)Brooklyn BBQ is a well-known New York barbecue joint and has been around since the early 1900s. 

Cafe de Baroque (a food court in the Midtown area)Cafe d’Orsay is a French-style bar and restaurant in New Jersey. 

Chateau de L’Église (a traditional French restaurant in Paris)This is one of the largest French restaurants in Paris, with a number of iconic locations including the Château du Ville, the Chateau du Montagne, the Palais de Parc, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Le Corbusier Gardens. 

Chef de Lincourt (a cafe in the French Quarter)A well-respected French restaurant, Chef de Lincour serves up the most popular menu in the Parisian Quarter. 

Fanny’s (a fine-dining restaurant in downtown New Orleans)This restaurant is a traditional French-American restaurant in one of New Orleans’ most vibrant neighborhoods. 

Garnett’s (the French restaurant and bar in New Kensington)This family-run restaurant has been in the same building for generations and is an essential stop for visitors looking for an authentic French experience. 

Honey Bar (another fine-sourcing restaurant in a bustling French Quarter area) This traditional French food joint has been serving French cuisine for generations, and is one the oldest French restaurants still in business in New Orlean. 

La Maison du Mal (a wine bar in the Downtown)La Mais de Mal is one your first stops for fine-tableau tasting and dining, with an emphasis on fine-grained wines. 

Little Italy (a casual, upscale restaurant in Midtown)Located in the heart of Midtown, this casual, intimate restaurant has great views of the French and Italian cultural history of the city. 

Mamadou’s (an Italian restaurant in Harlem)A popular restaurant in this neighborhood, Mamadou has been one of my favorite places in the city for many decades. 

Nadine (a dining room in the Meatpacking District)A cozy dining room overlooking the Hudson River is a great place to grab a quick bite and a drink before heading to a fancy restaurant. 

Parisian Dining (a New York-style restaurant in Central Park)Parisian Restaurant & Bar has been offering a wide variety of fine dining and fine dining cuisine for decades.

Parisian Dine has been featured on NPR, on CNN, on ABC News, and many other television shows and news outlets around the world. 

Quad City (a downtown restaurant in NYC) The Quarter is the most iconic New York restaurant and it’s been a favorite spot for many generations of