An artist’s rendering of a movie poster: the poster for The Deer Hunter (1976)

The first time I saw The Deer Hunters, it was on the small screen, and I had no idea it was going to be the first film poster ever.

I thought it was just a cheap imitation of a picture of a deer that the movie poster guy had hung around the house all along.

I didn’t know it was about a hunter who finds a deer, but I was so taken by the character of Bill Swayze, who I loved.

He’s this cool, charming, witty guy who’s a hunter.

I loved how he was able to portray the whole concept of being a hunter: the hunting, the survival of your family, and then finally, after a while, the big game hunt.

So I wanted to make a poster that would say, “The Deer Hunter.

It’s about hunting and survival.”

So that was my starting point.

I did a lot of research, and it’s kind of amazing that this film poster was able, over decades, to be a classic, and so to have it become such a classic in the film world is pretty amazing.

The poster was made in black and white, and there was a lot going on with it.

You had the deer hunting, but also there were other characters and there were this many different characters that were trying to do their best to make sure that the film was not going to fall into that same kind of cliche.

And you had these big scenes of a man in the woods.

So it was a really ambitious design.

It was a very ambitious design to make the poster look like it was shot on film.

The film poster guys did a fantastic job on it.

They created these great, amazing scenes, and they put them in front of the camera.

The deer was always a part of the movie.

It would come in at the end of the film, and Bill Ssoze would be walking into the woods, and you would see him coming down.

The other characters were the hunters, the hunters would always be in the movie, hunting the deer, and the hunters were always trying to make Bill Smeeze happy.

And they all had their own special story.

I knew that this was going into film history, and that the poster would become one of the most iconic posters of all time.

And so to make that happen, I was thrilled.

And I was just thrilled that it became one of those films.

But when I saw it in print, I just didn’t understand why it was so special.

And that’s the thing about this poster.

It just didn

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